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The University of Arizona is highly ranked for accommodations support
Accommodations Support for Your Child

One of the greatest challenges each student faces is finding colleges where the teaching programs can meet individual learning styles. For some students, finding that accommodation is essential to their academic success.  At MyCollegeAdvisor.Net, we take very seriously the need to help students who want special support in the classroom.  Our accommodations consulting is available to students of all ages.  See the services we can provide below.

Accommodations Evaluations.  We work with psychologists and psychometricians licensed to do educational evaluations.  These are acceptable evaluators for most schools, colleges, and standaridized testing organizations.


Accommodations Testing 

Whether your child is taking college entrance exams, high school state testing, or regular exams in the classroom, let us help you determine if any challenges s/he is facing are related to the need for accommodations.  Often students struggle with standardized testing not because of not understanding the content per se, but more because they may have physical or emotional issues that prevent them from doing well.  We can help you assess whether or not that is the case.  If your child does need accommodations, national and federal laws require that testing programs and school systems provide adequate support.  The applications to get that support can be difficult----too often parents actually face inappropriate resistance from testing services and educators.  School counselors  and administrators may not be trained in how to obtain or provide the accommodations.  At MyCollegeAdvisor.Net, we can help you understand your child's rights and work with you to apply for accommodations testing support.  

College Searches

We can help your child find colleges that excel in supporting students with accommodations needs.  We can also advise you on how to ensure that any college to which your student is admitted provides the appropriate support.  Many parents tell us that they appreciate our introductory educational meeting in which we provide a thorough overview of the transition from K-12 to college level accommodations. 

Specialized Financial Aid

There may be donors who can help your child attend college.  We can help with specialized searches for financial aid. We can also help you ascertain if medical insurance may support your child's special needs.


Individual Education Plans (IEP)

Whether at the elementary, middle or high school level, children with special learning needs are to be supported with a measurable plan of modified classroom support that will aid their progress.  This plan should be designed with knowledge and effectiveness; its modifications should also be delivered in a manner that does not does not unduly burden or stigmatize the student.  At MyCollegeAdvisor.Net we can help you navigate that process with your school, working to see that your child receives the best IEP possible.  

504 Plans

These plans are required by federal and state law for any student that has a physical or mental disability.  

We help educate parents on the process and how to work with their educational institutions to gain plans.


In some instances, students just need additional or alternative instruction that will help the child master classroom material.  For example, in English, students who struggle with text reading often blossom when that material is supplemented with film and video, or with assistance to think about how to use audio recordings and technology aids to help with writing.  Some students need assistance in study skills and note taking.  Missing for many is a teacher or professional who can help them develop strategies for mastering material in a way that works with the child's learning needs.  We are here to try and help with tutors at MyCollegeAdvisor.Net. 


Family Advocacy

MyCollegeAdvisor.Net will work to help parents develop effective advocacy campaigns to help students gain needed support.  We can be available to accompany parents for school and team meetings.  We also offer family mediation services. 


MyCollegeAdvisor.Net can refer families to a network of resources to help your family gain accommodations assistance.  This includes learning specialists, mental and physical health professionals, and attorneys specialized in assisting families.

Examples of accommodations needs

  • Extended time for classwork and standardized testing

  • Vision assistance

  • Auditory assistance

  • Test anxiety

  • Math anxiety

  • General classroom performance anxiety

  • Reading comprehension

  • Speech/Language development

  • ADHD/ADD accommodations

  • Physical accommodations for students with mobility challenges

  • Mental health impairment

  • Special education students

Contact MyCollegeAdvisor.Net today for additional assistance.  We can talk with you by phone, via online video or in-person meetings.  Click here to schedule or Click here to call us today. 


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