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Why choose our services?

We are totally dedicated to making sure your child achieves academic success. We work with each student's learning style versus trying to impose a standardized model on how s/he should learn or be admitted to college. 


We enjoy working with families and students from all types of cultural backgrounds and socioeconomic status. All children can develop a love of learning. Most children want to do well, and when they connect with a tutor or adviser who believes in them, children excel.


There is a way to go to college for every student. Don't be afraid of costs, grades, testing or any other "limitations."  A good counselor helps you discover your strengths. 


Why choose our process?

Our process begins with an introductory family meeting. You will gain a detailed education on the college admission process, the roles of testing and grades, and financial aid.  If accommodations are needed, we advise you on how to obtain them.


We will educate you throughly on our services, as well as how we collect and analyze information to make appropriate college targets for your child.  We will assist you in preparing the information needed by your high school counselor and colleges.  


No opportunity is left uncovered in terms of scholarship information and competitive options for your child to learn, discover and grow through this process.

What is our commitment?

Our team brings an in-depth knowledge of the college admission process.  We increase our expertise by personally visiting colleges to build relationships with admission officers and financial aid programs.


It is our personal commitment to see our students succeed as they prepare for:

  • testing

  • campus tours

  • mock interviews

  • summer programs

  • financial aid & scholarships

  • the overall application process.

We do not consider our work done until your child is admitted and on campus! Students often come back to us after college for career and graduate school assistance.

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University of Maryland,

Baltimore County Admit

So helpful!! I received so much guidance in making sure that everything was perfect, revised, organized and on time.


                                        Nicole F.

                                       Annapolis, MD

5 on the AP Government Exam!

Very professional, knowledgeable, and patient. My daughter enjoys her time with Mrs. Grazette and is learned more from her about Government than what she is learning in her AP class.

                                                       Donna H. 

                                                       Bowie, MD

Catholic, Drew, Lake Forest and Providence College Admits

Just wanted to let you know I chose Drew University and won the Civic Engagement Scholarship. Thank you again for being there every step of the college application process.          

                                       Conrad G.

                                       Columbia, MD

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